Water Blaster, 230V, 30A

The Water Blaster delivers high water volume for pre-wash operations. It is ideal for demucking applications where there are large clumps of dirt and oil. (230V, 3pH, 30A)

Knocks off heavy dirt fast When heavy equipment and vehicles are laden with loads of dirt and mud, water volume is more effective than high pressure for a thorough cleaning. The Water Blaster delivers up to 25 GPM of water volume — nearly six times more than most pressure washers — along with 500 PSI of pressure to knock off heavy dirt with ease. The Water Blaster is ideal for pre-wash operations where it automatically draws water from a collection pit, filters it through an inline strainer and sends it back to the Water Blaster for reuse in knocking off caked-on mud.


Technical data

Power supply (Ph/V) 3 / 230
Pressure (psi) 500
Flow rate (gal/min) 25
Power (A) 30
Dimensions (L x W x H) (in) 42 x 59 x 62