Revolutionize Your Truck Wash Process

Tailored Solutions for Every Application

Capturing dirt, oil and chemicals before they seep into the ground or get discharged into sewer systems is a major priority of many truck dealerships and fleet owners.

Manually washing the exterior of new and used heavy-duty trucks and trailers breaks up loose dirt and debris. Repairing trucks can involve degreasing of engine and drivetrain components which can contain significant amounts of oil. And additional chemicals may be used to brighten metal components which can alter the pH of the wash water.

With all these different processes potentially affecting the characteristics of the wastewater, it is important to ensure its proper disposal. Water Maze water treatment systems are designed to work with your systems to meet your unique disposal needs.

Typical Transportation Wash Water System

Note: The above should be considered as general information for this application. It is important to remember that each application will vary in terms of waste water characteristics, flow rates, as well as water quality requirements of the treated water.

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