Industry Solutions

Our water treatment systems are engineered to provide industry-specific solutions that meet the unique needs of a variety of businesses. No matter what industry, our systems are designed to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall water quality. Count on us to provide reliable and effective water treatment solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

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Heavy dirt loads from the equipment, along with grease and oils create an environmental problem, that must be treated properly before disposal. Water Maze has expertise to ensure the best solution. 


Typical transportation concerns and considerations: sewer discharge most ideal, recycling of wash water (for a short time period) can be achieved, floor scrubber water and parts washer water should not be commingled with wash water (see evaporation), components and options will vary by application.



Marina concerns and considerations: sewer discharge is most ideal, recycling of wash water (for a short time period) can be achieved, metals removal technology should be applied, typically the wash pad / containment area is uncovered, rainwater diversion will need to be designed into the pit system.

Golf & Turf

Golf courses need to wash equipment to keep it in top shape and increases its life expectancy. The wash water picks up lots of clippings and chemicals that can pose problems unless properly managed.

Warehouse Wash Water

Cleaning up all those chemicals off the warehouse floor can make getting rid of that dirty water difficult and expensive. Reduce those costs by up to 95% with a treatment / evaporation system. 

Metal Finishing

Typical metal finishing concerns and considerations: evaporation rates vary by equipment and application, but our evaporators can evaporate water at a cost on the order of $0.10 / gal - whereas hauling hazardous waste can exceed $1.00 / gal., analysis of the water prior to installation is critical to understanding if prior treatment may be necessary and to assess overall system performance and safety.