Water Treatment Solution Guide

Water Maze Engineers look at each application's unique circumstances and ask three qualifying questions to find the best water treatment solution.

Illustration of a water drop

1. What's in the water?

  • Each water treatment application will have different contaminants which will require different treatment strategies.

  • Contaminants can include debris, fine suspended solids, oils, and dissolved chemicals.

  • Get a good understanding of what processes are generating the waste stream to be treated.
Illustration of water drops above a vent

2. How much water?

  • The amount of water generated and when it is generated will determine the size of the system required.

  • Learn how fast water is generated (gal/min).

  • Learn how long water is generated (gal/day or hrs/day).
Illustration of a water drop next to a checklist

3. Where is the water going?

  • Different treatment strategies will be appropriate depending on the intended use of the water.

  • Water Maze offers treatment options for water disposal, reuse, and evaporation.

Once these important criteria have been identified, we can work to specify treatment products, generate drawings, and provide startup support.

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