Evaporator Belt, 55-Gal Drum

Ideal for low-volume wastewater evaporation, the electric-powered Evaporator Belt heats non-flammable liquids to evaporate from a standard steel drum.

Evaporation is achieved by electric-power with indirect heat through standard steel storage containers, making the evaporator belt an easily implemented and adaptable option when low-volume evaporation is needed. An economical alternative, the Evaporator Belt is ideal for evaporating very low volumes of wastewater. The electric-powered belt wraps around a standard 55-gallon steel drum and slowly heats non-flammable liquids to temperatures of 70° to 250°F. The heavy-duty aluminized steel belt includes thermostatic control and weighs only 14 pounds.


Technical data

Power supply (Ph/V) 1 / 230
Amps (A) 12.5
Flow Rate (gal/h) 1.4
Container capacity (gal) 55