In-Ground Oil Separator Pit

Outpacing the performance of concrete pits, our premium quality Fiberglass Pit System is for ideal pre-treatment of heavy settable solids and can be easily installed by your contractor.

The Fiberglass Pit System is easy to install when compared to poured-in-place concrete pits that may eventually crack and allow water to leach into the ground. Water Maze Fiberglass Pit Systems are immersed into concrete, providing double containment. The In-ground Separator (IGS) is uniquely designed with two sets of standing weirs that force solids to the bottom of the pit. Available in three sizes, the Fiberglass Pit System is ideal pre-treatment of heavy settable solids prior to entering in the in-ground collection sump, as well as providing a water collection sump, and submersible pump lift station.


Technical data

Foam lance holder set Water Maze
Container capacity (gal) 600
Flow Rate (gal/min) 60
Dimensions (L x W x H) (in) 120 x 46 x 55