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Water Maze is the leader in Industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems

Water Maze is North America’s No. 1 manufacturer of industrial waste water treatment systems. Since 1989 Water Maze has been the leader in providing innovative technology for processing waste water that is created by a variety of industries. Originally designed for treating wash water run off from pressure washing applications, Water Maze treats any type of waste water created during manufacturing, or when cleaning industrial equipment.

Today there are more than 11,000 Water Maze systems installed worldwide utilizing a broad range of technologies.

Water Maze systems have been certified to UL safety standards and are manufactured under the internationally recognized ISO-9001 standards for quality processes. The equipment line of waste water treatment equipment is supported by more than 160 trained and authorized sales and servicing dealers throughout North America.


Water Maze's new Innovator series ETL
Water Maze's new Compact CoAg
Introducing the latest innovation in waste water treatment technology...
Watch the Innovator series - EC System
The Innovator Series uses electro-coagulation and chemical treatment to remove emulsified oils, heavy solids and metals from a broad range of waste streams.
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Watch the Innovator series - CoAg System
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